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6th July 2019

Providing Insightful Advice and Seamless Services

Decisions, whether in personal life or professional, need to be taken with utmost care. Because decisions impact not just our life, but also of those connected to us too. Especially in the matter of business, a business decision is made by the top-most authority but impacts everyone down the line. As such, a prompt, practical timely and legally sound advice becomes all the more crucial. And since 2009, Rajeshwari & Associates, a leading global law firm, known for its professional advice, meticulous efficiency and personal responsibility towards its clients are doing just that. 

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8th March 2017

“For the end patient, this is actually good news”

Without the ruling, “the launch of a product by a generic company could have been delayed,” said Rajeshwari Hariharan, a lawyer at Rajeshwari and Associates, which represented Natco in the case. “For the end patient, this is actually good news” because it means makers of generics will be ready to launch a cheaper product when Bayer’s patents expire.
The court decision puts no limit on how much of the ingredients the Indian firms can export for research purposes to allow greater flexibility in meeting regulatory needs, according to Hariharan.
"The court has reiterated that pharma industry growth in India cannot be stunted in this manner by stopping exports for regulatory purposes," said Prathiba Singh, the lawyer representing Alembic.
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17th March 2015

Novartis Case Judgement's Press Coverage

Rajeshwari & Associates has added another feather in its cap by winning the prestigious case of first ever compulsory license granted in India and representing Indian companies in the Novartis V Union of India case, which has been widely reported in the media.

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