trademarkTrademark is a sign, mark, logo or device used to distinguish the goods or services of a business house from that of others in the market. A Trademark is an essential component of a business for developing its brand image and strategy, which can be represented graphically in the form of company’s logo or signature.

Registration of a trademark has unlimited advantages ; including maintaining status and monopoly of the brand in the market; Upon registering a Trademark, restrict other entities from using the same or deceptively similar name or logo. Once acquired, a trade mark can be protected indefinitely, subject to its renewal every 10 years. Since registered trade mark is a form of IP, it can be licensed or assigned to other entities.

Rajeshwari & Associates offers the entire gamut of trademark services including in-depth and analytical searches, investigation, trademark filings, and prosecution (examinations, oppositions, rectifications and hearings) before the Registrar of Trade Marks, IPAB and other authorities. Moreover, our experienced trade mark attorneys can advise on the protection, enforcement and commercialization of trademarks, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution.

Our services in the field of trademarks include :

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